September 6, 2017

Momma Made It~ Top Quilt Shop!

Spent the day in Longview, Washington admiring all the beautiful quilts, cottons, wools, handmades, ahh!
Owners Jennie and Jacie make it so homey!!  You don't want to leave!  

Here's a look inside!

If you see something you love...they also have an online store!  

Kits and fabrics,!

Here's the magazine!

Oh...and look!  I always say my only goal as a longarmer is to one day have a picture in a magazine of a quilt that i quilted!  Thanks to Momma Made It, i can now die a happy quilter!  Yay!

You'll have to get a copy of Quilt Sampler to see their quilt!  

Also inside, is a photo of  Noble Spools!  I don't even know what to say!  

Lots of great shops and their quilt patterns showcased in the magazine too! 

Learn, Share, Quilt!

September 4, 2017

Winners Announced and Etsy Sale Continues...

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Give~Away!  I wish i could send everyone a tote bag filled with Pie Bird mak'ns!

If you'd like to purchase a Pie Bird Hot Pad pattern, i've extended my 20% off Etsy Sale through tomorrow...Sept. 5th.

And, included in the Digital Pie Birds pattern through Etsy, you'll also receive instructions on how to make these cute tea stained sunflowers!  

**Sunflower instructions are not included in mailed copies of the Pie Birds pattern. However, if a Pie Birds Hot Pad mailed pattern is purchased during the sale, send me your email and i'll email you the sunflower tutorial.

And the winners are...
Carlene is the Facebook winner

And Frannie's name was drawn for the Instagram winner

Congratulations Carlene and Frannie!!!

September 3, 2017


Final Give~Away Day!

The last ''drop in goodie' is a Clover Seam ripper!
 I don't know about you...but my seam ripper gets plenty of use!!  A new sharp one is so nice!!

There are 2 different drawings, one on Facebook and one on Instagram.   Click here for the facebook give~away and/or find me on Instagram @laughyourselfintostitches for the second give~away!  
Winners will be announced tonight! 8pm PST.

I'm also having an Etsy Labor Day Sale on all my patterns and Farmer's Wife classes through tomorrow!  Visit My Etsy Shop!

September 2, 2017

20% off All Patterns!

Great time to stock up on Fall quilting projects, or dig back into the Farmer's Wife Classes!!

Sale is going on today through Labor Day, Monday Sept. 4th in my Etsy Shop!

Once there you'll see 'Items' on the left side...The patterns and Farm Classes are itemized so you can find what you are looking for easily!

Here are a few Fall Favorites!
Cinderella Pumpkins

Indian Summer

Pie Birds Hot Pads

Happy Labor Day to all us working folk!
La·bor Day
ˈlābər ˌdā/
  1. a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people, in the US and Canada on the first Monday in September, in many other countries on May 1.

September 1, 2017


Have you entered the drawing to win a Laugh Yourself Into Stitches Tote bag full of
Pie Bird Hot Pad makings?

Yesterday, i added some Insul~Bright (the heat resistant batting) and bottle of Fray Check.  I don't know about you, but that comes in handy sometimes!

Today is Post 5 and I think everyone should try a spool of 50 wt. Aurifil Thread!  It's great for piecing, leaving a nice flat seam.

Last 'drop in goodie' will be tomorrow Sunday Morning!  

There are 2 different drawings, one on Facebook and one on Instagram.   Click here for the facebook give~away and/or find me on Instagram @laughyourselfintostitches for the second give~away!  Winners will be announced September 3rd, 8pm PST.

August 30, 2017

Give~Away Post Three

Today's 'drop in goodie' contains all the fabric you'll need to make a Pie Bird Hot Pad! 
 So far, the Give~Away includes a Laugh Yourself Into Stitches Tote Bag, a Pie Bird Hot Pad pattern and now all the fabric!

There are 2 different drawings, one on Facebook and one on Instagram.   Click here for the facebook give~away and/or find me on Instagram @laughyourselfintostitches for the second give~away!  Winners will be announced September 3rd, 8pm PST.

Come back tomorrow for another 'drop in goodie'!  

Learn, Share, Quilt!

August 29, 2017


If you happen to follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram, I'm hosting 2 Give~Aways!

This is my second post on both Instagram and Facebook.  I am dropping goodies into the Laugh Yourself Into Stitches Tote bags!  

Today's 'drop in goodie' is a Pie Bird Hot Pad pattern

They'll be more 'drop in goodies' over the next few days...filling this tote with quilting fun!

Click on these blue links to enter the drawings! 

sorry...drawing for USA only.  :/

August 27, 2017

Tote Bag Give~Away!

Got a wild hare the other day and decided to see what a Tote would look like with the Laugh Yourself into Stitches logo...Stink'n cute! 

Great for toting quilt projects or take it shopping, filling it with your fabric purchase!!

If you are interested in winning a tote...there are 2 chances!
To enter, follow my Facebook and/or my Instagram @laugh yourself into stitches...or both to enter twice!  You'll find specific entry instructions on both sites....look for the tote post!

oh...and throughout the week, i'm adding some fun things inside both bags!  Drawing ends Sunday September 3rd, 8:00pm PST

The bag is made of a sturdy poly/canvas and measures 11"H, 18"W, 3-/34" gusset with 23" long straps. There's a nice front pocket too! 

Each tote retails for $15.95 + shipping within the USA only.  Available through my Etsy Shop tomorrow 8/28/2017.  Only 7 Totes available

Yesterday was spent at Fiddlesticks Quilt Shop in Vancouver, Washington having fun meeting new friends and sharing my trunk show during their open house.

Poppa's Tree Farm seems to be a favorite!

August 1, 2017

August Love = Sale!

This is my favorite month!  To start it off, i'm having a sale on my Late Summer // Fall Patterns! 
      Here's the line up ~ sale price on each pattern is $7.50 
See sale details at the end of the post

Click on the blue links below to see the more photos of each quilt :)

My friend Cindy's 'And So it Crows' version of the original quilt.   Cindy's wall hanging measures 22" x 32.  How Augusty is this?!  

Needs some quilty doodling ~ can't wait to play!

Cinderella Pumpkins!  I absolutely love this pattern!
 And it comes in two versions, the brown and the black.

Here's me, last summer at the photo shoot...i have no idea what's on my mind!

But wait!! There's More! 
 Here are a couple pictures from Vicki who i met at the 
Sew-ciety Quilt Guild trunk show//lecture i did in Minnesota this past January.  
I LOVE your version Vicki...and your quilting just slays me!  

Visit Vicki's blog to read her pattern review with more pictures :)
Thank you S0 much Vicki!  

can you tell i love pinwheels?

Next up is my Redwing Blackbird pattern This pattern has been flying out the door!  If you are looking for a kit...Momma Made It has them!

This is a fun quilt to change up too!  Look what Diane did...

and Marie!  Clever clever cleeeever!!!

Last but not least is the one and only Pumpkin Spice
My very first pattern design.
I published this quilt in guess what month?  Yup, August of 2013!
This is a super easy quilt to you can probably see...but i have a fun simple way of constructing the blocks and putting them all together ... creating this rich harvest Late Summer // Fall sensation. 

Purchase Details for the Sale:
To purchase any of these sales patterns, i'm offering the PDF versions only, (not mailed) and only available when purchased directly through my blog (not craftsy or etsy, sorry).
Which means... the patterns will NOT be an instant download.  I'll email you the pdf patterns within a day. 

Where to find the patterns:
You'll find three Paypal 'Add to Cart' My Patterns drop down menus on the right side bar.... scroll up and look over there ------->
Each drop down menu has one or more of these patterns listed for the sales price of $7.50

Sale Ends August 6th at midnight PST

Thanks so much and have an Awe-Inspiring August!
PS... i'll leave you with this ...another August yum

June 30, 2017

Fill Your Heart With Feathers Tutorial

I had the pleasure of quilting this beauty for Bev.  I hung on to it for far too long...secretly hoping she would forget about it!  L0L
She did not...darn!

He's a quick tutorial I shared with my followers on Instagram a couple weeks ago and thought i'd share it with you too.

Here goes....
I used a heart shaped template and stitched my outline.  Marked a vertical center line above and through the heart. I also marked side lines so I knew where to stop my outer feathers. I used a water soluble pen for these marks and tested it first to make sure those reds did not bleed... that would have been disastrous!! 

I started stitching the outside feathers first, beginning at the top of the heart in the inverted 'v' and created the feathers on the left top, down the side and to the bottom of the heart shape. Back to the top, I stitched feathers on the right side to the bottom of the heart, then added the dangled teardrop. For me, I found my feather shapes were more consistent when I started at the top each time. I know some of you could probably continue up the right side without stopping... nope, not me!

Moving inside the heart, I used the center line as my guide. Started at the top and stitched a teardrop then quilted feathers on left side, stopping each at the center line. Repeated stitching more feathers on the right side for the finish. 

Have you quilted a feather heart? How did you do it? I'm always curious to learn a new way. 

Here's more pictures of the finished quilt... Love, Love Love!

I use Hobbs 80/20 batting and So Fine thread on the top and bobbin.  The pattern is called Rolling Star and can be found by clicking on the blue link.  

Fill Your Heart With Feathers!!

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